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Three public workshops will be conducted at key points throughout this project. Each workshop is anticipated to include a formal presentation and / or meeting activity and an informal open house session. During the open house component, Project Team members will be available to talk with the public in a one-on-one, informal atmosphere.

  • The first public workshop will explain the purpose and function of the JLUS, provide an overview of the military operations at Redstone Arsenal, introduce project participants, share the JLUS approach, and discuss the JLUS goal and objectives. This workshop will begin with a presentation to the public followed by an interactive working session where attendees will be invited and encouraged to share their input on potential compatibility issues. Attendees will work in groups around large scale Study Area maps to complete a compatibility issues exercise as well as engage in intimate group discussions with the JLUS team. Participants will also be able to provide input through interactive audience response systems that allow for immediate response viewing and tracking.
  • The purpose of this workshop will be to present the compatibility issues and draft recommendations. The workshop will involve a formal presentation and an interactive exercise to solicit input on the resolution of issue impacts and conflicts for the Redstone Arsenal JLUS. Matrix will also facilitate discussion of ideas about how best to resolve community conflicts in small groups of public attendees and will give examples of draft recommendations to address them.
  • The purpose of the third public workshop will be to present the Public Draft JLUS and recommendations to attendees. The public and interested stakeholders in attendance will be encouraged to provide feedback either during the meeting via comment cards, submission of comments through the project website, or by email to the City of Huntsville JLUS Project Manager.

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